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Korea University 학사
Korea University 석사
University of Minnesota 박사


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sociology, Higher School of Economics in Moscow, Russian Federation (2014-Present)

저서, 편서 및 단행본 논문

Baek, Kyungmin. “Who is Ethical?” The Code of Business Ethics in Korean Organizations” (Book Chapter)

학술지 논문

Baek, Kyungmin and Erin L. Kelly. 2014 “Noncompliance with Parental Leave Law in Korean Organizations: Extending Institutional Research to a New Legal Context” Law & Social Inquiry 39(1): 176-202.

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Baek, Kyungmin, and Ki Tae Park. 2013. “Noncompliance with Paternity Leave Provisions across Korean Workplaces: Focusing on Two Types of Noncompliance” Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy 13(2): 155-185.

Lee, Hang Young, Kyungmin Baek, and Yong Suk Jang. 2007. “The Expansion of Outside Directorate in Korea: Agency Control, Resource Dependency and Neo Institutional Perspectives” Korean Journal of Sociology 41(2): 27-66.



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