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Korea University, Sociology 학사
Utah State University, Sociology 석사
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Sociology 박사


Research Professor, Department of Sociology Duksung Women’s University, Seoul, Korea (Oct. 2013 ‒ Present)

Lecturer, Marriage and Family, Duksung Women’s University (Mar. 2014 ‒ Present)

Lecturer, Population and Region, Kookmin University (Sep. 2015 ‒ Dec. 2015)

Lecturer, Sociology of Marriage and Family, Duksung Women’s University (Sep. 2014 ‒ Dec. 2014)

Lecturer, Social Survey Practice, Korea University (Mar. 2014 ‒ Jun. 2014)

저서, 편서 및 단행본 논문

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1965-2015. Seoul. Korea: The Institute for Social Development and Policy Research
(in Korean).

학술지 논문

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Medical Costs and Obesity among the Elderly in the U. S.” Policy Forum 96(10):68–
76. Korean Institute for Health and Social Affairs (KIHASA), Seoul, Korea (in



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